Sunday , 17 April 2022 | [bangla_date]

Rab helped contain militancy, don’t malign it: Shahriar

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April 17, 2022 3:17 pm

Describing elite force Rab as a “brand name for peace” in villages, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Md Shahriar Alam today (April 17, 2022) said this institution should not be maligned which helped the country contain militancy.


“Please don’t try to malign this institution on which we rely heavily,” he told reporters at a media briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, apparently referring to the US sanctions imposed on Rab last December.


“You go to villages and you will see Rab is a brand name for peace. Rab is a brand name where you will get justice and Rab is a brand name for anti-terrorism activities,” he said.


In the past, the state minister said, Rab had been established on the recommendation of different countries and it has over the years become well-organised and strong with training from a number of countries.


“In a very short time, we’ve been able to control militancy with relatively little damage and have been able to eradicate the root cause although this war is not over,” said Shahriar, adding that countries like Bangladesh can face such problems at any time.


Those who truly want to see Bangladesh as a peaceful country where equal rights will be ensured, where an environment in which everyone has a say will continue, will have to work with the national institutions that are the pride of the nation, he added.


“There was a plan to strengthen Rab before and training and resources were given,” said the junior minister, adding that they remain engaged and open and are also looking for ways to address the issues considering any deviation.


The state minister also advised against any attempt to weaken the institutions like the Rab. “We can’t afford to have that.”


He said they are operating in a very complex world and in a very complex environment where external factors influence the internal issues a lot.


Bangladesh does not desire any intervention from any quarter on internal issues, added Shahriar.